Ice Breaker (optional)

  • Go around the room by beginning a sentence for the person on your left, which they have to finish. Then they get to start a sentence for the person on their left, and so on. For example, “A song I’ve really been enjoying lately is …” or “The best advice my dad ever gave me was …”

Main Idea

Genesis is a book of beginnings.


What’s something that you’ve recently begun in your life, and how has that new beginning gone for you?


How frequently have you tried reading the first five books of the Bible? What has been your experience reading them?


What does the Bible say?

Read Genesis 1

What did you learn from the sermon about the different ways we can understand how God created everything? How can you handle these issues with other people who might see it differently than you do?

Read Genesis 3

What are the specific consequences that fall on Adam and Eve for disobeying God? How do we experience those same consequences today?


Genesis is a book filled with stories, from Adam and Eve to Noah, from Abraham to Joseph. Why is it important for us to know and understand these stories as part of our faith in Jesus?


Apply the Message

God’s desire is to use us like flashlights in a dark world.

  • What story or stories from the book of Genesis have you been inspired to check out, either again or for the first time? Make a commitment to read through it this week.
  • In what ways did people like Noah, Abraham and Joseph display God’s character in ways that stood in contrast to the world around them? How could you model godly character to the people or circumstances around you in a way that would stand out?

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