Main Idea
Through the work of Jesus, on the first Easter, we have peace and power in our lives right now. We don’t have to wait to experience God’s Kingdom!

Who have you will you invite or already invited to Easter service?

Is there anyone we can be praying for as a group before moving on through this study?


It’s common to think of God’s Kingdom as something far off, distant and in the future. The first Easter makes it clear that the Kingdom of God is near and meant to be experienced today.

What is one way you have seen God at work in this group, in your community or in our church recently?

What does the Bible say?
Read John 16:16-22.
Jesus prepared His disciples before the crucifixion by telling them that He would leave, but soon return. Even so, many of them doubted His promise. Share a time in your life when it was difficult to believe God’s promises to you.

Read John 20:19-22.
When Jesus meets His fearful disciples, He comes bringing peace and power. Where do you need God’s peace in your life? Where do you need His power?

Apply the Message
It can be easy to approach Easter casually, as simply “another holiday” we observe. What is one way you can reflect on the significance of Easter to better prepare yourself?

Easter is about God’s victory in the face of seemingly impossible opposition. What is a bold prayer you can pray this week?

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