By now, you know Hope is a church that isn’t afraid to jump when God gives us a chance to help our neighbors! When Covid19 hit our nation, everyone was thrust into uncertainty, and nothing was hit harder than our schools. Today, most parents are trying to step into the unknown and continue with what they have to do: keeping their kids safe, making school a priority and working to support their families.

Hope’s Virtual Learning Centers are our church’s way of trying to fill the gaps for struggling families. This is a needs-based program focusing on single parent homes and on families where both parents must work outside of the home.  

Spanning all of our locations and utilizing a tremendous staff of volunteers, this venture is one of the largest and most complex endeavors Hope has ever attempted. But in all of our setbacks and in all of our fears, God is ever faithful. He asks us to trust in His provision, and that’s what we’re doing!

This is taking the time, talents and resources of everyone at Hope coming together as a shining beacon in our community. As a church, let’s continue to pray for God to bless our efforts, to reach families with Christ’s love and to heal our land.

The application period for the Learning Centers is now closed. If you have any questions, please reach out to If you are still in need of support with online learning, we encourage you to contact one of the WakeEd FAST Initiative Partners HERE.


  • Start date was Aug. 31.

  • Hours of operation are 8 a.m. – 4:15 p.m., Monday – Friday.

  • Hope’s Virtual Learning Centers will only operate during scheduled WCPSS school days. The center will not be open on holidays, vacation days or teacher workdays.

  • Traditional calendar

  • Year-round single track calendar

  • Modified calendar (Carver Elementary, East Garner Elementary, Partnership Elementary, Centennial Campus Middle, Neuse River Middle, Moore Square Middle)

  • This program is designed for children in Kindergarten through 6th grade. (Exceptions may be made for 7th and 8th graders depending on individual family circumstances.)

We are still in desperate need of volunteers for Hope’s Virtual Learning Centers. This is an incredible way for us to love our community where they are, but it takes a lot of volunteers to make this happen successfully.

An example of some areas where we will need volunteers:

  • Group Leaders

  • Mentoring

  • Greeter & registration

  • I.T. Help

  • Hospitality/Food Services

  • Special Needs

If you’re interested in volunteering with our Learning Centers, please fill out the application form below and someone will be in touch with you soon! 

Volunteer With Learning Centers

We know this is an unprecedented and difficult time for parents as you navigate virtual learning for your kids and teens. We are praying for you and want to assist you as much as we can. Check out our Parent Resource Guide below for the Wake County Crash Courses in Online School per grade level, remote learning options, technology articles and more.


Let’s stand together and be the difference! #HopeTogether