What is one Christmas tradition that has to happen for you or you don’t feel like it’s Christmas?

Main Idea
God is the Good Shepherd who not only leads us, but also pursues and subdues us.

What difference do you feel it makes in your knowing that God not only leads us but that he pursues us?

What does the Bible say?
Read Psalm 23

According to Psalm 23:6, God pursues us with goodness and mercy so that we can have a relationship with Him forever. How has God shown you goodness and mercy?

Goodness and mercy from God should flow out of our lives into others. Is your life a reservoir that stops and stagnates goodness and mercy OR a river that leads to life for others? Why?

Apply the message
We heard this week that you can’t hide from God. What is one way you can give in to His pursuit and allow Him to work in your life?

Who in your life needs goodness and mercy? How will you show it to them?

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