Main Idea
No matter how far we stray, we have a Good Shepherd who is eager to guide us on a path of abundance and life.

Share a time in your life when you got lost. What got you into trouble and how did you get out of it?

When was a time you were going through a rough patch and felt stuck? How was the Good Shepherd able to guide you through that season?

What does the Bible say?
Read Proverbs 14:12. Why do you sometimes end up on unhealthy paths such as the one this proverb is referencing?

Read Psalm 23:3 – What means does God use to guide you on the right path?

Apply the message
At times, we all have the tendency to stray off the path. In the message this weekend we learned that there are four things we can do to get back on track – admit, submit, obey and pray.

This week, when the unexpected difficulties of life begin to pull you off course, how will you respond?

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