Main Idea
Our God is a Good Shepherd.

How has or hasn’t Psalm 23 been a factor in your life and faith journey?

When you think of God as a shepherd what images or ideas come to mind?

Who in your life has modeled for you what it means to be a good shepherd? How have you benefited from their presence in your life?

What does the Bible say?
Read Psalm 23:1-5. The shepherd anoints the sheep with oil (v. 5) to protect them from enemies, such as snakes and flies, in order to protect them from themselves (rams fighting).

In what ways have you seen God protect you? Where could you use His protection right now?

Apply the message
Sheep don’t always understand the shepherd’s goodness. Their job is not to know why the shepherd puts oil on them, but simply to stand still and let the oil be applied.

What are some ways that you are daily enjoying God’s goodness? If you don’t feel like you’re regularly receiving God’s goodness what habits or actions might help you experience that?

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