What was the best and worst part of your Thanksgiving this year?


Main Idea
God is committed to guiding and taking care of His flock no matter how many wrong turns we take.


This week we learned that the Good Shepherd leads His sheep to what they need in life – rest, refreshment and restoration.


Which of these do you need most this week?


What does the Bible say?
Read Psalm 23.


What did you read in this Psalm, or hear in this weekend’s message, that you’ve experienced the Shepherd do for you personally? For example, has the Lord ever restored your soul during a time of hardship?


Are you currently seeking the rest, refreshment and restoration that the Good Shepherd offers?


Apply the message
Read Isaiah 58:11 and John 7:37-38.


God designed us to be restored for a purpose, not to become complacent. How are you allowing living waters to flow through you? In other words, how are you making Christ available to others?



What can you do this week to trust Jesus more as your Shepherd?


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