Give Generously| August 13-14, 2016

God gave you everything. What are you giving back? Learn why money issues are really heart issues and why generosity is a key part of growing in a relationship with Jesus.
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#Winning: Week six

Luke 12:13-26

Job 31:24-28

Psalm 24:1

Ephesians 4:28

Acts 2:42-47

One of the ways in which we are called to worship God is with our money.

Money/possessions can shift our focus from a Kingdom focus to an earthly focus. 

We think money is a comfort issue – God thinks it’s a character issue.

Everything you have is God’s. 

God calls us to radical generosity. 

Giving breaks the grip of greed.

When you give generously, God promises to meet your needs.

Giving is not God’s way of raising money – it’s His way of raising his children.

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