Oct. 19 & 20, 2019

Most of us want our public image to look as successful as possible—fun job, exciting social life, comfortable marriage, etc. But, behind the scenes, our lives can be messy and as fragile as a house of cards. One wrong move, and the illusion of that persona falls apart.

How do we stop worrying about our image? How do we start feeling comfortable in our real lives? Join us for our series, House of Cards, as we shine a light on the illusions we create and learn how to leave them behind.

Four steps to go from a hurting family to a healthy family:

After we go through these stages, it’s easy to feel unworthy when God begins to heal our marriages and families

Remember Genesis 1:26-28:

  • We haven’t earned our position with God

Why does God choose to bless us?

  • Deep in the heart of God, He wants a relationship where there’s full disclosure and full acceptance

Parting Questions:

  • Stop thinking: “Why would God want to bless me and heal my marriage and family?”
  • Start thinking: “Why wouldn’t God want to bless me and heal my marriage and family?”
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