Nov. 16 & 17, 2019

Over the course of King David’s long, crazy life, he made plenty of mistakes—many of which ended in disaster. But by the end of his life, he finally learned to trust God, no matter what the circumstances.

In this series, we’re taking a look at a few different episodes from David’s life, including some lesser known stories, in order to examine that process of developing wisdom.

David’s going through a time of transition (1 Samuel 21)

He was anointed to be the future King of Israel as a teenager

  • One problem…Israel already had a King

David fled King Saul (1 Samuel 21:1-3)

  • He was feeling rejected and alone

Saul gathered some soldiers, and he set out to find David (1 Samuel 22:14, 16-22)

  • The effects of David’s dishonesty

What happens when someone is overcome with loneliness and rejection?

This weekend, God is offering us a reminder 

Parting Question: If you knew, with absolutely certainty, that God would intervene and resolve the tough situations you find yourself in, what would you do? How would that certainty change the way you feel while you’re going through those situations?

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