July 18 & 19, 2020

Obstacle Course – Week Three

When we begin to live life according to the path we believe God is leading us toward, we can face many obstacles along the way. We’ll discuss what God is teaching us through these obstacles by examining: 

  1. A key principle in this series.
  2. How there is more to temptation than we realize.
  3. The story of Jesus’ second temptation.
  4. A statement of trust.
  • There are key principles to learn from this series.

God’s primary means of expanding His Kingdom is you.

God uses obstacles as a way to prepare and grow us to make the biggest impact possible.

  • There is always more to temptation than what we consider in the moment.

In every temptation, there’s always more at stake:

– the choice between the immediate and the important,

– to do the right thing, in the wrong way or the wrong time.

What if we could develop a new habit to help us remember there is more at stake, avoid the shortcuts and remember that God can be trusted in the moment?

  • The second temptation Jesus faced revealed another truth we can learn.

Matthew 3:13-17   The baptism of Jesus proclaimed to the world who Jesus was, God’s Son.

Luke 4:1-2   Right after the baptism, Jesus is led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness where He was tempted for 40 days.

3 Truths about temptation

1. It’s not a sin to be tempted.

2. God doesn’t tempt you.

3. God may leave you in a place where you will be tempted.

Luke 4:2-4   This is the first temptation Jesus faced.

When you discover the truth about temptation, it will give you power over it. Jesus came to the world to die for your sins and to break the power of sin in your life.

Luke 4:5-6   Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and offered Jesus authority over them.

When sin entered the world, man lost authority over everything. Jesus reclaimed all authority on earth through His death and resurrection. Matthew 28:18

If Jesus took the shortcut Satan offered, Jesus would not have had to suffer and die for our sins.

Luke 4:7   Satan wanted Jesus to worship him to set aside Jesus’ devotion to God temporarily. The lie was that it would only be for a moment.

“Temptation is always more than just a test of your self-control…it’s a test in your trust in God.” –Andy Stanley

Can you trust God? Satan used a similar pattern of tempting Eve with rewards by making her think it’s just a little compromise. Genesis 3:1-6  

Luke 4:8  Jesus quoted the Bible in answer to the temptation. He said that He would worship God only. Deuteronomy 6:10-13

Jesus was able to resist temptation because He knew His identity, and He knew the truths He had from Scripture. Jesus showed us how to respond to temptation. Luke 4:8, Matthew 6:33

  • When tempted to take a shortcut, trust God and do the right thing the right way.
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