Week Five | Sept. 2/3, 2017

Let’s face it, we live in a selfie world. Most days it feels like we’re supposed to be obsessed with looking out for number one. But, living that way can get pretty exhausting. Maybe we need to flip the camera around and look at our lives from a new angle. Join us as we explore the way God has designed you and me to live a life that matters. A greater-than kind of life.

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Greater than: Week Five

The Spirit inside you is > than Jesus beside you.

One of the most important things God’s Spirit is trying to tell you all the time is how much he loves and cares for you.

Ask the Spirit to do these three things in your life everyday:

  1. Show me whatever you want me to see
  2. Change me to make me more like Jesus
  3. Use me today

You + God = everything you need!

You + God > anything you’ll ever face!

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