Week One | January 6/7, 2018

There is an invisible war being fought in our minds – where real battles are lost or won. It’s a war where no one wears a uniform. We need to be prepared – but how? In our new series, BattleTested, you will learn how to experience freedom and stand your ground in any situation.

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The most powerful forces in the world are things we can’t see.

The moment Satan was cast out of heaven – a war began between Satan and all of mankind.

Two groups of people that Satan loves: the skeptics and the superstitious.

Three key things to understand about demons:

Demons really exist.
Demons really do enter people.
Jesus really does cast out demons.
Jesus came to set us free!

Satan’s most successful attack is one that draws you away from simple devotion to Christ.

Satan does not have the power to keep you from finding refuge in Jesus.

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