Week One | Sept. 9/10, 2017

Gravity. It pulls us down, keeping us tethered to the earth. It’s a law of nature, one that we are forced to understand and accept from the beginning. But our souls long to fly. To soar. To overcome. In our new series, Taking Flight, discover how our lives can be changed for the better when we lean into the spiritual laws God has placed into motion.

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Salvation is the offer of life in God’s Kingdom right now – as well as after we die.

Spiritual formation is empowered by God – it’s impossible without Him.

If you are in Christ, there is no condemnation.

Christianity is not a version of the old system.

When we are in Christ, our sin can never separate us from God again.

When God looks at you – He sees you as righteous as His own son.

God loves you because you were declared righteous when you received Jesus as your Savior.


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