Week Six | July 22/23, 2017

There are some things in this world we can’t change, no matter how hard we try. Rules like 6+6=12. Pretty simple and straightforward right!? But, when God’s at work, simple addition can become multiplication. Join us as we explore the power of generosity during our series “Multiply.”

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Proverbs 28:26

Proverbs 22:7

Challenge for you:

  • Choose the percentage of your income that you want to live on and live on it.
  • Track your spending.
  • Get rid of dumb debt. (credit card, school loan)
  • Arrange your finances so you can give first, save second and live on the rest. 

When you get paid: 

  • Be rich towards God
  • Be rich towards yourself
  • Live on the rest

When you give generously:

  • It breaks the power of greed in your life
  • It bridles your discontentment

Giving is an opportunity to invite your Heavenly Father into the world of your personal finances. 

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