Week Three | Sept. 23/24, 2017

Gravity. It pulls us down, keeping us tethered to the earth. It’s a law of nature, one that we are forced to understand and accept from the beginning. But our souls long to fly. To soar. To overcome. In our new series, Taking Flight, discover how our lives can be changed for the better when we lean into the spiritual laws God has placed into motion.

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God is at work in you and His goal is to renew you.

The kind of change God wants to bring about in your life doesn’t happen through self-will and determination.

If our lives are going to change and remain that way, we must be involved in the process of renewing our minds.

Renewal doesn’t begin with the rededication of our will – it begins with the renewal of our minds.

Renewal breaks down our resistance to God’s rule in our lives and it allows God to have greater influence over our wills.

A renewed mind results in a transformed life.

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