Nov. 10 & 11, 2018

It may only be six verses – but it’s one of the most recited and well-known chapters in the entire Bible. Psalm 23 is all about how God, our good Shepherd, wants to take care of us. In our fall series on Psalm 23, learn how live in the goodness of God.

Our God is a Good Shepherd.  

Four strategic steps God takes in order to provide us with assurance: 

He diligently prepares our paths
He keeps an eye on our enemies
He heals our hurts
He pours out His presence
When our dreams die, that doesn’t mean that God’s dream for us dies. In fact, when our dreams die, God’s dream for us is becoming a reality. 

It’s important that we follow the Shepherd who’s already walked the path because He knows how to clear the way. 

Question you need to ask yourself this week: Are you truly grazing on what God has prepared for you? 

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