Jan. 5 & 6, 2019

What makes pride, greed, lust, envy, sloth, gluttony and wrath so powerful that we call them the seven deadly sins? Each one is a corruption of a major area in our lives. What God intended for good, we can distort and abuse. Eventually, we just end up damaging ourselves and those around us. Each sermon in our new series focuses on a different deadly sin and how to expose it within ourselves. Join us as we discover how Jesus guides us through even our most difficult internal struggles.

Psalm 89:11

Zechariah 9:9

Matthew 21:1-11

Luke 16:9

John 10:10

Romans 6:23

2 Corinthians 9:6

Philippians 4:11, 12

Colossians 1:15-16

Each of the Seven Deadly Sins takes something good and pushes it too far. Too much of a good thing!

Big question: How do we keep the desire to accumulate stuff from becoming a stumbling block? How do we prevent the things we own from ending up owning us?

Here are four ways generosity helps you:

  1. God asks us for something
  2. He uses the generosity of ordinary people
  3. Generosity writes us into the story of God, even if it’s in small ways
  4. We get back what we give

Parting thought: Being generous is a great way to make Jesus as the center of your life—and keep Him there.

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