Sept. 8 & 9, 2018

Our words can bring life or they can bring death. They can bring comfort or they can bring pain. They can lift you up or they can tear you down. But, it’s up to you. It’s your choice. Your voice.

Importance of words: 

  • The Word connects God to us. 
  • Our words connect us to God. 
  • Our words connect us to each other.

Every word that comes out of our mouths is either releasing life or releasing death. 

Three ways men can speak life into their wives:  

  • Don’t interrupt your wife when she is talking. 
  • Develop a habit of listening. 
  • Don’t speak critical of your wife in her absence. 

Three ways women can speak life into their husbands: 

  • Compliment the way he looks. 
  • Compliment how smart he is. 
  • Compliment him on his strength. 

Seven words that can heal every relationship: “I was wrong, will you forgive

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