Nov. 24 & 25, 2018

It may only be six verses – but it’s one of the most recited and well-known chapters in the entire Bible. Psalm 23 is all about how God, our good Shepherd, wants to take care of us. In our fall series on Psalm 23, learn how live in the goodness of God.

How do we benefit from following God? Can He really take care of us and supply our needs?   

Three benefits of following our Good Shepherd:  

  • He leads us to rest
    • God promises to walk with us through our valley(s) of darkness
    • He helps us let go of anger and friction
  • He leads us to refreshment   
    • God calms the rushing waters of our lives so we can feel sustained in the midst of craziness
  • He restores us 
    • He helps us to keep growing so that we don’t become complacent 
    • He builds us up after we’ve been broken down 

We all have the freedom of choice – either we choose to follow God or we don’t. 

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