Aug. 3 & 4, 2018

How do we talk to God? How do we pray? What do I say? Sometimes we make it more difficult than it actually is. Prayer can change lives. In our new two-part series, #amen, discover how to pray effectively and why it’s important to pray.

For there to be an intimate relationship between us and God, there has to be communication. 

To do the will of the Father, you have to know the will of the Father. 

  • And to know it, you have to hear it
  • And to hear it, you have to spend time listening 

Listening to God keeps things with God relationship.

Listening to God enhances the accountability between you and God. 

If you don’t take time to listen to God: 

  • You’ll never grow
  • You’ll treat God disrespectfully 
  • You’ll miss God altogether  

If you really want to know God, you have to prioritize your life as Jesus did. 

  • It must be more important than people’s needs 
  • It must be more important than your work 
  • It must be more important than what we think is urgent 
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