Aug. 18 & 19, 2018

Every day brings about new questions. Should I hit snooze? What should I wear? Should I take this job? We all want to feel like we have the right answers. We also have deeper questions. Why am I here? Am I good enough? Can Jesus really be the answer to all of our questions – big and small? Find out in our series – The Answer.

Romans 7:24-25

John 5:1-15

The question we need to answer this week is: “Do I want to get well?”

Three barriers that stand in our way of change: 

  • We are alone
  • We make excuses 
  • We have our own solutions 

Jesus not only sees you, but He knows everything about you. 

Four truths to help us get well: 

  • Admit our needs and ditch the excuses 
  • Accept Jesus as the answer
  • Act in obedience
  • Assist others
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