Main Idea
God sent His only Son to provide peace for our past, joy for our present and hope for our future.

What is causing you the most busyness or distraction this Christmas season?

Has your past, present or future caused you the most stress during the Christmas season?

What are you tempted to turn to during this season to try to alleviate your stress? What about those things are appealing to you?

What does the Bible say?
Read Matthew 1:18-25.

What threats to peace, joy and hope did Mary and Joseph experience?

How does Jesus being called “Immanuel” (v. 23) provide those gifts for them and us today?

Apply the message
What do you need to do to receive Jesus as the peace, joy and hope you need this week?

We encourage you to offer the gift of Jesus to others by inviting them to our Hometown Christmas Eve services. Who is someone that you can invite this week?


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