Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • What is your least favorite household chore? Why?
  • Is it ever OK to tell someone a lie? Explain.
  • Have you ever taken on a “simple” project that became a major overhaul? Share your experience.

Main Idea

Biblical commands without Biblical thinking always results in short-term obedience and long-term frustration. (Trying to obey all the do’s and don’ts and rules of the Bible without understanding the “why” leads to incredible frustration.)


What stood out to you from this weekend’s message?


What has been your biggest take-away from this series so far? What have you been able to put into practice? Have you, or anyone around you, noticed any change? If so, share.


What does the Bible say?

Read Colossians 3:5-10


  • What are some of the “practices” of the old self? Why is it so crucial we put these away?


  • What “old practices” has God already helped you to make some headway with? Where do you see the biggest opportunity for growth?


  • Our beliefs shape our attitudes and actions. Based on your attitudes and actions, what would your family and friends say your beliefs are?


Apply the Message

Adopting biblical thinking begins with doing away with our old ways of thinking have to begin by getting rid of the old thought patterns to make room for the new. Follow these three suggestions to help to identify the old attitudes, mindsets and lies you believe so you can begin to strip them away and replace them with truth. Proverbs 30:8 says, “Keep falsehood and lies far from me.” Let’s start by examining some of the lies we believe:

  • Examine the excuses you tell yourself to justify your wrong behavior.
  • Examine the areas in your life where you tend to over-react.
  • Examine the temptations to which you are most susceptible.

Behind each thing you uncover, you will likely find a lie you have accepted as truth. As you work through these this week, see if you can get to the lie that is at the root of the areas in which you are struggling to change. As you add each one to your list, write “LIES” across each one. Whenever an old thought, attitude or mindset resurfaces, remind yourself that it is a lie and set it aside.

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