Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • What is your favorite dessert?
  • What is the funniest thing that isn’t true that you believed was true as a kid?
  • What is one truth do you want to pass along to your children?

Main Idea

We “put on the new” by learning to counter the specific lies we are most tempted to believe with the specific truths from God’s word that counter the specific lies we are tempted to believe.


What stood out to you from this weekend’s message?


Why is spending regular time in scripture such an important part of renewing our minds?


Share one verse that has been instrumental in God’s ability to help you to put off the old and put on the new. What lie / belief / habit did that scripture help you to overcome?


What does the Bible say?

Read Matthew 4:1-11

  • As you read through this passage, see how Jesus handled each temptation:
    • Verses 1-3: Satan’s lie = You have the right to take matters into your own hands and meet your own needs regardless of what God says.
      • Verse 4: God’s truth = Life isn’t about my fulfillment, it is about my relationship with God.
      • How can this truth help you face a challenge in your life today?


  • Verses 5-6: Satan’s lie = You’ve got to prove yourself.
    • Verse 7: God’s truth – Obedience takes precedence over reputation.
    • How can this truth help you face a challenge in your life today?


  • Verses 8-9: Satan’s lie = You can win through compromising your standards.
    • Verse 10: God’s truth = Nothing we can possibly gain that requires us to disobey God is worth having.
    • How can this truth help you to face a challenge in your life today?


  • How was Jesus’ approach to temptation different than simply trying harder to be obedient? What makes this approach so much more powerful?


Apply the Message

Jesus clearly modeled for us that when we face specific lies, we need to be prepared to counter those lies with specific truths from God’s word. When Jesus was tempted, He responded by saying, “It is written.”


  • Think back on the lists you made the last few weeks about areas of your life where God wants you to change and the lies you believe that are shaping your behavior and ask yourself this:
    • Choose an item on your list. Is there an “It is written,” that comes to mind?
    • If not, ask your group if someone knows a verse that addresses it.
    • Write the verse and keep it somewhere you can see it regularly.

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