Main idea
The only reason we would steal is because we are not grateful for what God has given us.

As a child, have you ever taken anything that didn’t belong to you?  What motivated you to do that?

What drives our “built in desire to get something for nothing?”  How have you displayed gratitude for God’s provision lately?

Exodus 20:15

This verse tells us not to steal.  How does lack of gratitude tempt us to steal?

1 Chronicles 29:14

How does this passage affect your perspective on “stuff?”

Malachi 3:8

Have you ever paused to consider if you were “robbing” God?  How have you “robbed” God?

How can you grow in your trust of God and be grateful for what He has provided for you?

  1. How can you express thankfulness for imperfect gifts this week?

  2. How can you be grateful in times of anxiety and frustration?

  3. How can you develop the discipline of noticing God’s blessing in your life this week?

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