Main Idea
Being honest will bring incredible freedom in your life.

How much of what you hear in the news or from public figures do you think is honest? How does your opinion of that affect how willing you are to trust those sources?

The heart behind the command to not lie is that we would be honest people, specifically honest with ourselves, with each other and with God. Of those three, who do you have the hardest time being honest with?

Proverbs 9:8

How do you typically respond when someone confronts you with a hard truth? What would it look like for you to respond more like the wise person?

James 5:16

Confession involves being honest with others (not just with God) about our sin. What do you fear most about confessing your sin to others?

Think of an era of dishonesty in your life right now. How will you address that?

  1. Is it something you can confess with your group even now? 

2) What step will you take this week to bring that area of dishonesty into the light with God and others?

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