Main Idea
Life only works the way it’s supposed to when we put God first in every area of our life.


Have you ever had a boss who was always watching and critiquing you? What about a boss who cared about you and trusted you?


How did either of those experiences work out?


What does the Bible say?
Genesis 4:3-5

Matthew 6:33


God wants a relationship with us and the commandments are principle based on love, not just rules. When you think of God, do you see Him as more of a taskmaster or a loving Father?


The way to live our life, how we love others and even how we use our resources shows our gratitude and relationship with God. Have you considered this before? How are you currently serving others or using what you have to show God is first in your life?

Apply the message
Find a quiet place, turn off your phone and spend 15 – 30 minutes with God this week. Ask Him to speak to you specifically about how much He loves you and to reveal any area where you’re still struggling to trust Him. It could be helpful to write down any thoughts and even share with a friend.

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