Main Idea
The commandment to not commit adultery is meant to help us to understand how to have intimacy with God and with our spouses.

Who would you say you admire most for being faithful to their spouse?

This week in our Ten series, we heard about a tough topic that brings devastating pain in relationships called adultery. It’s no wonder a loving God included it in his 10 Commandments for Israel to follow.

Why is it important that we discuss this topic in community instead of keeping it private?

Exodus 20:14

Matthew 5:27-28

1 Corinthians 6:18-20

What do these verses tell us that we might otherwise ignore or undervalue?

How would you respond to someone who confesses battling thoughts of lust or adultery?

People who falter in this area often say they would do anything to change the past. Knowing that we are all human and that this is important, consider some extreme ways you can prevent your heart from giving into lust and/or adultery. This weekend we heard three questions that help us battle adultery:

  • What will be the consequences?
  • When am I most vulnerable?
  • Where is my relationship with my spouse or significant other in need of work?

Which of these do you need to answer for yourself this week? Share this and any steps you know you need to take with a trusted friend to who can hold you accountable and pray for you.


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