Main Idea
“If you learn to be content with what God’s provided for you, you won’t worry about what’s going on around you.”

Share a movie or music star you idolized growing up. What did you most love about him or her?

We live in a world where the lives of the “rich, beautiful and famous” are just a click away.  What are the things that these people have that you “desire” most?

Read Luke 12:15

This passage warns that it is dangerous to think that the value of your life comes from an “abundance of things.” What would you say gives your life value and purpose?

Read Psalm 37:4

This passage reminds us that delight in God comes before the things we desire. How have these priorities gotten mixed up in your life?

This week’s message had three important and memorable ways to guard against coveting:

  • Learn to admire without the desire to acquire
  • Make a confession about your obsession
  • Turn your resentment into contentment

Which of these will you practice this week and what will that specifically look like for you?

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