Main Idea
God doesn’t want us to talk in impurity because it affects our relationship with Him.

Share a relationship that you currently have that is unique among all your other relationships, someone you think about and treat differently than anyone else. What makes that relationship special?

How would it affect your relationship if that other person didn’t realize you thought the relationship was unique?

God wants a unique, exclusive relationship with His sons and daughters! Have you ever thought of God being jealous about our relationship with Him? How does that impact how we think about our relationship with Him?

What does the Bible say?

Exodus 20:4

This passage talks about how we all tend to drift into discontentment with what God has given us, leading to imagining how things might be different. What is one area of your life that isn’t what it could be, or even should be, and consumes your daily thinking?

Deuteronomy 7:9

This passage talks about the extreme consequences of devotion to God over all other “images” we could create. What are some generational blessings you have experienced in your life?

Apply the message

Split into smaller groups (either men/women, pairs, triads, etc.) and share:

What is one “image” that you need to let God deal with? This could be:

    • Dissatisfaction with a current reality that you allow yourself to brood over
    • Actual images that are around you (either physical or electronic) that distract you from your relationship with God
    • A habit or frequent action that you take that has started to compete with what God made you to be or to do

What would it look like to give this “image” to God this week?

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