We are encouraging all small groups to go through the Anchored study. You can find everything you need at anchoredstudy.com. We will offer a shortened message-based study from now through the end of the year to allow your group to go through Anchored. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at smallgroups@gethope.net.

Main Idea

Obstacles and opposition are opportunities for obedience. Obedience is no guarantee of being spared adversity, but we can be confident that obedience always leads to growth.

Below are four “requirements” of obedience in the face of obstacles:

  • Obedience requires you to take a risk.
  • Obedience requires you to let go.
  • Obedience requires you to keep trusting…even when you don’t see it.
  • Obedience requires you to stay…as long as God takes.

Life’s major pursuit isn’t the journey to knowing oneself; it’s the journey to knowing God.

Key Verse(s)

Genesis 13:1-18

Discuss the Message

What stood out to you from the message this weekend?

What is God teaching you through what you learned either from the message or the verses this week?

Apply the Message

Three steps to put into practice this week:

  1. Identify your obstacle.
  2. Identify your obedience stage.
    • Do you need to take a risk? (Confess something, forgive someone, ask for help, etc.?)
    • Do you need to let go of something? (Unhealthy pursuits or relationships, fairness, etc.?)
    • Do you need to stay? (If you’ve done the above, keep doing the right things, keep trusting God and wait.)
  3. Remember this life is a journey and what we do along the way is just as important as the destination.

What does obedience look like for you today in light of what we’ve learned this week?

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