Main Idea
Envy is being sad over someone else’s success and happy over someone else’s failures.

Did you watch any of the Super Bowl commercials from this week? What was one thing that made you feel like you just had to have it?

When was a time you caught yourself wishing for something bad to happen to someone else because of something good that happened in their life? What about that person or their success made you feel that way?

There are three ways we can camouflage envy. Which of the following have been true of you?

  • False praise – saying something nice, but then adding something critical
  • Mean motives – attributing someone’s success or blessings to wicked behaviors
  • Condescending comparisons – trying to one-up someone else’s story of success or blessings


What does the Bible say?
Read Matthew 20:1-15

How has envy of other’s blessings kept you from being grateful to God for His blessings to you?

Read Philippians 4:11-12

If you changed nothing in your life, would you still be content?

Apply the message
Who is one person you can intentionally celebrate this week without having to compare your success to theirs?

What action do you need to take this week to pursue God intentionally, so that you don’t get caught up in pursuing less important things?

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