*Given the nature of this week’s topic, if your group is co-ed, you may want to consider splitting into separate men’s and women’s groups for the discussion.*

Main Idea
God created you with passion, but Satan turns it into lust.

Growing up, what were you taught was “off limits” concerning lust and sex?

In what ways has lust in your life impacted your family? In what ways have you been impacted by lust in your family members’ lives?

Lust is based on an inward motivation, iniquity, that results in an outward action, transgression. In trying to deal with lust in your life, how have you focused on the outward without addressing the inward?

What does the Bible say?
Read Genesis 39:6-12.

What reasons could Joseph have used to give into temptation? What reasons do you use?

What tempting situations have you been in where you either needed to literally or figuratively flee?

Apply the message
What steps can you take this week to cultivate healthy appetites and deny unhealthy ones? (Remember to address the inward motivation, and not just the outward action.)

Lust is best addressed in the context of a loving and safe community. How could your group continue this conversation with each other in ways that would be helpful to you?

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