Main Idea
God asks His people to lead with big faith which requires us to trust in Him even when we don’t understand what He is doing.

Share a time in your life when you did not understand why God had allowed something to happen until much later. How did God use this experience to build your faith?

What are some situations in your life where it is easy to trust God? What are some situations that are a challenge to trust God? Share some reasons for why some situations are easy and some are more difficult.

What does the Bible say?
Read Luke 5:1-11

In this passage we see Peter and his friends obey Jesus even when it didn’t make sense. How does this passage inspire us to put our trust in God even when we do not understand why?

Why can it be difficult to follow God’s instructions for our life even when we know that He can be trusted?

Apply the message
What is one decision in your life that “feels risky” to give over to God? What is a step you will take this week to live obediently and lead with big faith?


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