Main Idea
Jesus has done everything for us, so we don’t need to try to do what He has done or earn His approval. We simply need to believe, receive and remember God’s great love for us.

What’s a unique regular or annual tradition in your family that you want to continue?

We learned this weekend that communion is a Christian tradition from Jesus, a remembrance of what He did for us to offer a relationship with God.

Is Communion easy for you to receive? Why or why not?

What went through your mind when you last received communion?

What does the Bible say?
Luke 22:14-20

Jesus established a new tradition of Communion based on an old tradition of Passover. Instead of using the meal to remember the past victory of deliverance from Egypt, He wanted the disciples to join and remember the future victory they would have in Him. Why was this new tradition necessary?

What about Communion is necessary and/or helpful in your relationship with God?

Apply the message
It’s important to remember that the bread and the cup represented Jesus’ affliction in our place. We don’t have to suffer like He did. We don’t have to earn God’s approval, we just have to look to Jesus who has done everything. In what ways do you find yourself still seeking God’s approval?

What is something you need to start or stop believing when it comes to receiving God’s grace?

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