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Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • What is the first thing you purchased with your own money?
  • What is the difference between ambition and greed?
  • What is the “American Dream?” Has it changed in recent years?

Main Idea               

We will always struggle to grow spiritually until we learn to possess things without allowing them to possess us.


What stood out to you from this weekend’s message?

How did the songs this weekend relate to the message?

Greed is unique because it is so easy to recognize in others but so difficult to recognize in ourselves. Why do you think this is? Have you ever thought of yourself as a greedy person? Why or why not?

What does the Bible say? This week we are looking all over the Bible in order to gain an accurate understanding of the Bible’s teaching on this subject. As we see concepts repeatedly addressed throughout Scripture we can be confident that we understand what God believes about a given subject. Proverbs 23:7 says that “as a man thinks, so he is” so let’s be sure to confirm what is true!

Where does our stuff (clothes, vehicles, phones, etc.) come from?

  • Pretend you’re not in a meeting surrounded by Christians right now. How would you “normally” answer this question?

What is God opposed to?

  • God seems to be as (or more) concerned with our attitudes as He is with our actions. Why do you think this is?

Who does God care most about?

  • Who would you expect the supreme ruler of space and time to be concerned about?

Apply the Message

If we really believe that God owns everything and that He alone is our source and provider, generosity is a no-brainer and greed doesn’t stand a chance! However, if we believe what we have is ours and that God has nothing to do with it… we’ll hang on to our stuff for dear life.

  • This week we were challenged as a church to “go home and take a look at our treasure.” When was the last time you performed a “self-audit?” Take 5-10 minutes to individually list all the ways God has been generous to you and then share with the group one or two things you’re most thankful for. (Consider posting these somewhere you will see often as a daily reminder to be as generous to others as God is to you.)
  • Mike reminded us the only tool that can break the grip of greed in our lives is generosity. What are some ways you can make generosity a habit in your life?
  • We have been challenged as a church to sacrifice to make the final payment on the Apex campus in order to free our church for ministry. Pray this week about what steps you can take individually or as a group to help meet this goal.

Tweet this: Every thing we have is from God. Until we believe this, our possessions may end up possessing us instead.#UnlockingTheMusicVault @get_hope

Tweet this: Until your heart is changed your life will never change. #UnlockingTheMusicVault @get_hope

Tweet this: Jesus isn’t all that interested in how much you give. He’s more interested in how much you have to give. #UnlockingTheMusicVault @get_hope

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