Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • What positive thing or experience surprised you over the holidays?
  • New Year’s Resolutions – good idea or a waste of time?
  • If you made any resolutions for the New Year, share one with the group.

Main Idea

Everyone gets the blues now and then. But what happens when it’s something more? Is it even possible to walk from depression to joy? The answer is yes. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Clinical depression is a serious condition that is best served by the treatment of a professional. If you believe you may be suffering from clinical depression, we encourage you to connect with a qualified Christian counselor! Please reach out to your Small Group Leader, Coach, Area Pastor or email our care team at


What stood out to you from this weekend’s message?

Do you find there are “seasons” when you feel more down or more anxious than others? Why do you think that is?

How have you seen God at work in your life even when you were discouraged or anxious?

What does the Bible say?

In the message this week, Mike identified four things impacting Elijah and contributing to his depression:

  1. An emotional high (1 Kings 18)
  2. Isolation from supportive, encouraging relationships
  3. Physical exhaustion
  4. Self pity

Read 1 Kings 19:1-5

  • Elijah went from an extreme high to an extreme low in a short period of time. Have you ever had a similar experience? Share.
  • Look at the list Mike identified above. Would you say any of these describe your life right now?

Read 1 Kings 19:5-21

  • How did God minister to Elijah? Why was it so important for God to do this with him before anything else?
  • How is God currently moving in your own life and how do you (like Elijah!) need to respond to God?

Apply the Message

We can often struggle with depression and anxiety while we are lonely. God has designed us for honest, open relationships He can use to help us through our issues, bringing lasting healing in our lives. Without true intimacy and connections that go deeper than surface level, we will always struggle to experience the joy and peace God intends for us.

  • This week, commit to strengthening one relationship in your life where you live, work or play. What is one step you can take toward a more meaningful relationship?
  • Pair up with one other person of the same gender in your small group and commit to getting to know each other better over the next few weeks. Focus on how you can support and encourage each other specifically.

Tweet this: We can be plugged in and at the same time completely disconnected. Real relationships take real face time. #UnlockingTheMusicVault @get_hope

Tweet this: “It’s easier to fill an empty stomach than an empty heart.” – Mother Teresa #UnlockingTheMusicVault @get_hope

Tweet this: “The biggest disease known to mankind is loneliness.” – Unknown (tragically) #UnlockingTheMusicVault @get_hope

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