Ice Breaker (optional – choose one below)

  • What is your favorite Easter candy?
  • Are you more likely to haggle for a good deal or shop around for the lowest asking price?

Main Idea

This week we learned from the life and choices of Judas that God doesn’t deal and God doesn’t bargain. God’s hand cannot be forced and His will cannot be stopped.


What stood out to you from this weekend’s message?

Have you ever found yourself trying to “make a deal” with God? What circumstances were you in? How did things turn out?

What are the “if you, then I” deals you are tempted to bring to God regularly in your life?

How do you handle it when you feel God isn’t meeting your expectations?

What does the Bible say?

Read Matthew 26:1-16

  • Which character stands out to you in this story? Why?
  • What does Jesus’ reaction to Judas say about His character?

Read Matthew 27:3-5

  • What does this passage teach us about our actions and their outcomes?
  • What is Judas’ legacy? How can a legacy like this be avoided?

Apply the Message

When our agenda takes precedence over God’s agenda, we set ourselves up to betray God.

  • Are you bartering with God or have you surrendered? Why or why not?
  • What is one thing you could do this week to apply the message personally?

After Easter, we will be launching a new sermon series in partnership with over 50 other churches around the Triangle called Explore God. This study will be available through message-based study guides at or the GetHope app or the study can be found at

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