Main Idea
When you see a need, meet it. When something needs to be done, do it.

Share a time in your life when you really needed help and someone “came out of nowhere” to serve you by providing exactly what you needed?

How did that person’s kindness make you feel?

Why is showing kindness to someone better than feeling compassion?

What does the Bible say?
Luke 10:25-37

Who do you identify with most in the story? The Samaritan, the priest or the Levite? Why?

Apply the message
Before you close out your discussion, spend some time praying for God to reveal outside needs that you or your group can meet. When you’re done, share some of the things God laid on your heart. How are you going to put these things in action this week by serving someone else?

The next time you meet, celebrate what happened when you stepped up to serve.

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