Main Idea
At Hope, we want to be known for loving people right where they are.

What was your reaction to Hope the first time you visited the church?

How have you felt loved, or not loved, by church in the past? How have those experiences affected you and your relationship with Jesus?

What does the Bible say?
Luke 7:36-50

The loving actions of the woman show us what happens when a great sinner comes into the presence of a great savior. Still, the Pharisee only saw her sin.

What biases keep you from seeing people who aren’t like you the way Jesus does?

When have you demonstrated love to someone who wouldn’t have expected it, and what effects did you see that have on their life?

Apply the Message
Who is someone that is far from God, but close to you? How can you love them where they are this week?

If you have extra time as a group, read 1 John 4:7-12 and 4:19-21, then discuss what it would look like to live this out as a group.

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