Main Idea

Our relationship with God is personal, not private. Things like maturity and spiritual formation happen within the context of intentional community and relationships.


Pick a cast of characters from a popular “team” — Marvel, Justice League, Star Wars, The Office, Peanuts, etc. Now, as a group, decide which character is best and defend your answer.


Discuss a time in your life where being a part of a team or group of people led to something great.


Acts 2:42-47

What does it mean when Luke (the author) describes the early church having “everything in common?” Is that a good thing? How could this become more of a reality in your small group?

Hebrews 10:19-25

The “one another” mindset of Christian community is necessary if we’re going to effectively encourage each other to grow—especially when it comes to areas of our life where we might be experiencing hopelessness, temptation, discouragement and loneliness. How have you seen community improve some of these areas of your life? How could we be more intentional when it comes to these sorts of concerns (that we all face!) that exist in our group?


This is a great time to renew your commitment and vision for your small group. What steps will you take individually, and as a group, to be more intentional with your community?

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