Main Idea
God created giving so that we can share in His greatest joy and in return live a joyful life.

Share a time that you were able to spend someone else’s money. What happened and what was that like?

Share one thing from this weekend that challenged the way you think about generosity.

Why do you think it is hard to be biblically generous; to give like God designed us to?

What does the Bible say?
Philippians 4:10-20

Paul wrote this letter to the Church in Philippi to thank them for meeting his practical needs and to encourage them to continue helping one another.

Share a time when you had a need that God used another person’s generosity to meet. What happened and how did that affect you?

Apply the message
God invites us to represent Him as a joyful & generous Father. Even though He doesn’t need our help, He invites us to partner with Him in meeting other people’s challenges and experience more of His joy. If you could have a conversation with God today, what is one issue in your community that you wish He would make go away?

How is God inviting you to invest His resources and own a part of the solution?

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