Main Idea
It’s God’s responsibility to tame the tongue, but our responsibility to keep a tight rein on it.


When it comes to our words there are four types of people:

  • People who think before they talk
  • People who think while they talk
  • People who think after they talk
  • People who never think

Which one are you and how has that either helped you or gotten you into trouble?

If it’s God responsibility to tame the tongue then we need to submit our words to Him. We can only do that if we remember to:

  • Pause (be slow to speak)
  • Ponder (reflect on what you’re about to say)
  • Pray (ask God to cleanse you of harmful words)

Which of these steps do you do well and which could use improvement?

What does the Bible say?
Read 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Romans 12:2. This weekend we talked about letting your converted heart tell your renewing mind what to say. This looks like speaking from the bottom of your heart instead of off the top of your head.

Think of someone you spoke to off the top of your head this week. What would you have said instead if you were speaking from the bottom of your heart?

Apply the message
How have you put what you’ve learned about your words over the past few weeks into action? Share a story of how you’ve used your words for good.

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