Main Idea
Words are powerful things.


What’s the most destruction you’ve caused with a tool or weapon (think demolition, target practice, explosions, etc)?

We have all received and spoken destructive words and we know they come with consequences. If it’s harder to put things back together with our words than to destroy, then why do you think we still decide to destroy?


What does the bible say?
Read James 3:1-12

There are several vivid metaphor pairs in this passage:

  • Bit in horse’s mouth/rudder on a ship
  • Forest fire/deadly poison
  • Saltwater vs. freshwater spring/Fig tree vs. olive tree vs. grapevine

Which of these metaphor pairs most resonates with you in the way you struggle with your own words? Discuss with your group how you personally struggle with it.

Apply the message
As Christians, with regards to our words, we need to live every day understanding our negative potential and we need to own the consequences of what we’ve said. How can you take greater responsibility for the power of your words this week?


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