At Hope, we encourage all of our mission partners (our word for members – since we don’t really have membership) to connect with God, and with others. We do this by engaging in small groups, serving according to the gifts that God has given us and attending church-wide events.

Small groups

Because Hope is such a large church, it can be hard to find community with others during weekend services, and that’s why small groups are so important to us. Small groups serve to help connect you with others in your area so you can do life, and study the Bible together. We offer a wide variety of small groups for people in all walks of life, from singles to families and everything in between.


On the weekends, we rely on our passionate and talented volunteers to help run our various programs. Whether you are a musician, a barista, or love working with kids, we have a place for you. Even if you don’t know where God is calling you to serve, it is easy to get started. Explore the hundreds of options today!


Finally, nothing brings a church family together closer than attending events with one another. From comedy shows to movie nights in local parks, we know how to have fun at Hope, and we want you to join us. Check out our events page to see a full list of events taking place at Hope.