Foundations of the Faith

April 7, 2024 - May 12, 2024

There are a few core foundations that you’ll find at the bottom of every story in the Bible, every idea about Jesus, and every idea from Jesus. These things should shape the way we view everything. These are the Foundations of the Faith.

Week 1: You're Made In God's Image | Ben Foote

April 7, 2024—You know you are loved when the God of the universe decides to create you in His image! He didn’t make you carelessly. Creating you wasn’t an afterthought. You were beautifully and wonderfully made!

Week 2: What's the Problem? | Clay Burgess

April 14, 2024—We face a BIG problem, and worst of all, we can’t do anything on our own to fix it. However, there’s good news! God did something to fix it, and He has shown us what we can do to receive the gift He gives us to overcome that problem

Week 3: Jesus is the Way | Ben Foote

April 21, 2024—Some say there are many ways to heaven, and many believe that one must find his/her own way unique to them. But, although there are many paths to Jesus, Jesus boldly claims that He is the only way to heaven.

Week 4: Abiding in Jesus Christ | Duane Calvin

April 28, 2024—Discovering true peace, joy, and love means abiding in Christ. Lean in as Pastor Duane Calvin sheds light on what it truly means to walk with Jesus in God’s presence and experience the life He desires for us.

Week 5: We Need Godly Community | Matt Curtis

May 5, 2024—If we are going to develop a strong foundation of faith, we need to develop Gospel centered community.

All in the Family | Jason Gore, Ayren Nelson and Heather Sullivan

May 12, 2024—Lead Pastor Jason Gore is joined by Heather Sullivan and Ayren Nelson for a special message to families. If we are going to develop a strong foundation of faith in our homes, it all starts with God’s instructions.