Main Idea
If we will do our part to bring forgiveness, God will do His part to bring healing.

Is there a person or type of person our community hates – or at least would tolerate this person being hated? Why do you think that is?

Matthew 5:43-44

This week we saw “six steps to arrive at murder.” How would Jesus’ commandment impact this progression?

  • First: Unconditional Love
  • Second: Unmet Expectations
  • Third: Anger
  • Fourth: Unbridled Anger
  • Fifth: Uncontrollable Hate
  • Sixth: Murder

Before we can forgive like Jesus, we must be aware of which expectation wasn’t met, sometimes we don’t even realize what our expectations are, and we must be willing to communicate that unmet expectation in a timely manner. Which do you find more challenging?

Apply the message
Share with the group, or on social media, about a time you encountered unconditional forgiveness. Either you forgave, were forgiven or even witness it. What was the result?



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