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House of Cards

Inside Out

Tables and Chairs

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories



Identity Crisis

What to Do When God Says...

Big God. Big Church.

Three Words Everybody Needs: Hope. Community. Church.

Hometown Christmas


Future Tense


Origin Story

Obstacle Course

Lessons From a Quarantine Promo

Ten Commandments Promo

Timeless Promo

Lost & Found Promo

Videos from Hope Music

I See You



Easter opener

O Praise the Name

Unstoppable God


Last Christmas

A Song for Mama, Happy Mother’s Day

Be a Light


Home (Johnny Swim cover)

Shared Stories

Color Wars Highlight

Project Classroom 2021

Meet Lead Pastor Jason Gore

Foster Care Impact Story

Homework Club Impact Story

Steve's Story - Part I

Aimee Brown's Story - What to Do When God Says WAIT

Sarah Fishbein's Story - What to Do When God Says GO

Matt Kelly's Story - Serve Selflessly

Joe Bosco's Story - Easter

Aaron Pelsue’s Story - Ten Commandments

Wade's Story - Lost & Found

Kelsey's Story - Lost & Found

John's Story - Lost & Found

Jax's Story - Lost & Found

Hayley's Story - Singles