King and a Kingdom

September 10, 2023 - October 8, 2023

Everyone wants to be the king of their own kingdom, but the truth is there’s only one King and the Kingdom belongs to Him. In this 5-week series, we’ll look at what it means to build up the Kingdom in a world that only wants to tear it down.
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Who is THE King? | Jason Gore

Do you feel like you’re facing a battle on just about every front in your life? Does it feel like you’re constantly fighting for your kids, your marriage, your work or even your faith? This week, our Lead Pastor, Jason Gore, will be encouraging us in our new series, King and a Kingdom. Please join us! 

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Finding Your Tribe | Chase Gardner

Like never before, we live in a world of isolation and loneliness. Even with digital access to people from around the world, we’ve become lost and disconnected. This isn’t how Jesus lived, and it isn’t how He wants us to live. This week, Chase Gardner, our Teaching Pastor, will show us how to connect intentionally with others in our community. Don’t miss the second week in our series, King and a Kingdom

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Who Is The Real G.O.A.T? | Ayren Nelson

How do you define greatness? So often we value the impressive over the impactful, but that’s not what made Jesus the G.O.A.T. In week 3 of the series, Ayren Nelson shares a radical perspective on greatness that makes us rethink what it means to serve and be served.

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Magnifying Generosity | Duane Calvin

Collectively we struggle with how to give generously. When money’s short, it’s hard to know if we should save every dime or live for today (because who knows what tomorrow will bring…) But giving in the Kingdom isn’t just out of abundance—giving comes from a place of sacrifice. In week 4, Duane Calvin shares how to live generous lives in light of a generous King.

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Are You All In? | Jason Gore

How often do we actually talk to friends and neighbors about Jesus? If we have this eternal hope, why do we keep it to ourselves? In the final week of our series, Lead Pastor Jason Gore urges us to share willingly about the hope we have in Jesus.